The Voice Within

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The voice within is your inner guidance system, it’s your spiritual center speaking to you. This inner voice speaks to you through many means of communication.

Have you ever had an instance in your life when you suddenly decided that you should take a different road on the way home? To find later that the original road you usually travel was the scene of a car crash or major traffic tie up.

Have you ever had the thought to not do something and ignored that thought only to find you should have paid attention, because something negative happened? You ignored your inner voice and paid the consequences.

Recognizing the Voice Within
This voice within is a subtle voice and it communicates through thoughts, feelings, and even your environment.

    You can recognize it easily especially if you find that you keep having the same thoughts over and over about a certain situation. That’s your inner voice, your inner spirit giving you the information you need to aid you in making a decision.

    Feelings are a more subtle way to communicate with you but if you are sensitive you will pick up on the messages being sent. You could feel a sense of calm, that all is right with the world, even though you are in the middle of turmoil at the moment, you just know it will turn out all right. You could also feel a sense of urgency, perhaps a strong feeling that you need to call a friend and when you do you find that they need your help.

    The voice within can also use your environment to communicate with you. You may come across newspaper headlines or keep coming across the same words over and over again during the course of the day and it just so happens that those words are the answer to the problem you’ve been trying to work out. It may come in the words of a stranger you happen to encounter in your daily activity. Or even something as simple as a billboard ad with just the right message.

Listen Within Through Meditation
The best means for connecting with your inner voice is through meditation. This is in fact one of the benefits of meditation, it allows you to quite your mind letting go of the noise of everyday life and opening to the silence within where you can more clearly hear the voice of your inner spirit.

Practice daily meditation even if only for a few minutes a day and you will better your skills for listening within. Don’t get discouraged if at first you don’t feel like you are getting to that place where you can communicate with your inner voice, it takes practice, it is a very subtle voice. With each meditation session no matter how small you are opening the lines of communication a little bit at a time and you will begin to feel the connection. It is different for everyone so don’t compare yourself to something you’ve read that says it should be this way or that way. You may experience images, words, or feelings.

It is always good to begin and end your meditation with intentions for the highest good of all. You can do this through a short affirmation or prayer, such as:

    I communicate through the love and light of spirit for the highest good of all.

In the end it all boils down to trust. Listen to the words of wisdom from within and trust your first instinct you can’t go wrong. It may seem like a struggle at first but in the end the results will be what is right for you.

In the end it all comes down to your choice to follow your inner spirit or not.

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