Third Eye Chakra

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The Third Eye Chakra (or brow chakra) is your 6th chakra. The Sanskrit word for this chakra is Ajna Chakra.

This chakra is located at the center of your forehead just above your eyebrows. Your inner wisdom is housed here. This chakra governs both your conscious and subconscious mind. It allows you to see beyond your physical existence.

In Balance
When in balance this chakra is your doorway to all things of your senses and beyond. Your intuition is heightened and you can develop psychic abilities. You are not attached to material possessions.

You are able to learn from your past experiences and plan for the future. This chakra is the home of your rationality, emotional intellect, and wisdom. It gives you a sense of self above and beyond the physical world.

Out of Balance
If your Third Eye Chakra is out of balance or deficient you may lack discipline, have a fear of success, and have no inner vision. You can have difficulty recognizing subtle signs and may set your goals and standards too low.

Also, if this chakra is overly active you may not be able to trust or recognize your intuition. You may become self-righteous. You live in your head so much that you forget your heart, your heart and mind are not in balance.

There is no element associated with this chakra; however, you could consider the mind as its element, since the mind controls the senses.

Meditating on this chakra helps you calm the mind. It will ease the endless mind chatter and clear the way toward inner peace and vision.

Experience stillness through meditation and visualize a calm lake with crystal clear water.


    “I am able to see the big picture that surrounds my life.”

    “I trust my intuition and make clear decisions from the heart.”

    “My heart and mind are in agreement.”

    “I have a clear view of my life’s purpose.”

    “I listen to the wisdom of my higher self.”

    “I have confidence in my judgment and sense of self.”

Be open to the aspects of this chakra and nurture your true sense of self and inner words of wisdom.

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