Thoughts are Things

Thoughts are things and can have a great impact on what you achieve in life. Do not engage, or pursue thoughts that are not in your best interest or for that fact the best interest of others. When you are thinking about something you desire those thoughts are like fuel that is feeding the energy of those thoughts. Whatever you give thought energy to will come to be one way or the other.

Do you have a desire that has not manifested in your life? The principle of like attracts like comes into play here. You need to match your feelings and thoughts to that desire. This allows the law of attraction to work and achieve the results you want.

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“You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” James Allen (1864-1912)

Remove the Obstacles
Your mind creates obstacles all the time. Thoughts of doubt or why it cannot happen influence the manifestation process.

You block manifestation of your desires through thoughts of lack and disbelief. If you can brainwash yourself into believing it won’t happen then you can certainly do the same in the opposite direction, it will happen. Whenever you find yourself thinking about not having what you want stop and immediately turn your thoughts to having it. Each time you do this you are retraining your mind.

Eventually you will begin thinking more positive thoughts and all that positive energy generated by those thoughts will manifest wonderful things in your life. Remember thoughts are things so, imagine what you can accomplish if you reverse your thinking to reflect that everything you desire is yours.

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Change Your Thinking
There are ways to change your thinking: positive affirmations, meditation, creative visualization, to name a few. These techniques give you the option to replace a negative thought with something more in keeping with your true desires.

Remember this is a process, you are changing your thought patterns to reflect having the object of your desires. It doesn’t happen overnight, although when your thoughts are truly in line with your desires anything is possible.

Thoughts are things and you will get what you put thought into whether those thoughts are positive or negative. The Universe gives you what your thought energy projects so keep it positive and know anything is possible.

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The Universe is always giving; learn how to receive what you are asking for. You are worthy, with love in your heart ask for what you want and know it is yours.

Use your thoughts to create the feeling and knowing that you have what you desire. Focus on what you want, rather than the fact of not having it. Give yourself the luxury of thinking about having what you desire and imagine how it feels to have it.

Thoughts are things, so imagine you have it and feel the wonderful feelings that go along with it. Plan what to do with whatever it is you want. If it’s new clothes or a new car, think of yourself in the new clothes, what event you will wear them to, and imagine receiving compliments. Think of where you will drive the new car, who you will take for a ride in it, what color it is, how smoothly it rides. Whatever it is that you desire imagine it is yours and know that it is possible.

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Not Limited to Material Things
Please know that this process is not limited to material possessions. You should also be mindful of your thinking around the situations that come up in everyday life. Perhaps you’d like to improve your relationships with others, gain self-esteem, build confidence, and accomplish goals.

Thoughts are things use them to develop a healthier out look on life in general and you will see things change for the better. Remember like attracts like, so seeing your life in a positive light will attract more positive things your way.

Patience and Perseverance
You are retraining your mind, it has been thinking these thoughts for along time and old habits die hard. Be patient and persevere eventually your mind will fall into the new pattern of thinking and it will become second nature.

Even the small changes you make will help, because every effort you make brings you that much closer to what you really want from life. Do not dwell on any thought you may see as a failure, it is just a lesson learned. You are in fact giving that negative thought less power by your immediate redirection to a more positive thought.

Above all else be kind and loving in your thoughts about yourself as well as others.

<img src= “Thoughts are forces, and each creates of its kind, whether we realize it or not. The great law of the drawing power of the mind, which says that like creates like, and that like attracts like, is continually working in every human life, for it is one of the great immutable laws of the universe.” Ralph Waldo Trine (1866-1958)

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