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Universal Law of Attraction

What is the Universal Law of Attraction? Simply put it is the fact that like attracts like. Iím sure youíve come across phrases such as these:

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    Birds of a feather flock together.

    What goes around comes around.

    You get what you ask for.

    You reap what you sow.

These are all variations on the most powerful law in the universe, the Universal Law of Attraction. Everything attracts to itself that which is like its self.

The Laws of Attraction
Jerry and Esther Hicks explain these laws in their wonderful book ďThe Law of Attraction.Ē They outline the universal laws as follows:

    The first law, the Law of Attraction, the fact that like attracts like.

    The second law, the Science of Deliberate Creation, what you give thought to and believe in or expect, IS.

    The third law, the Art of Allowing, you are where you are and thatís ok and you allow others to be where they are.

You activate thought vibration within you and that thought vibration is what fuels the Law of Attraction. It responds to the vibration you put out whether itís something wanted or unwanted.

This is a very important point to become aware of. The universal laws do not distinguish between what you want and what you donít want. It acts upon the thought vibrations you put out. For example if you continually think about how you donít have enough money to purchase something you want, what are you focused on? You are focused on not having enough money, so thatís what keeps you in the predicament of not having the money for what you want.

On the other hand if you think about that item you want to purchase and how you will enjoy it and what good use it will be in your life then your thought vibration is focused on having it.

Universal Law of Attraction does not discriminate it takes what you put forth and gives it to you, so concentrate on what you want.

Life Example
I know someone that while in the process of looking for a new home always saw the negatives of buying a home especially when it came to leaky basements. He was obsessed with the fact that he didnít want a house with a leaky basement.

Well, the new home was found and with the first big rain storm, guess what, water in the basement. So much so that he had to install a pump. Not only did the house get water in the basement it had a leaky roof as well.

What do you think would have happened if he thought more about a structurally sound dry living space rather than continually thinking about the soggy wet scenario he was so afraid of?

<img src= Seeds of Your Desires
The seeds of thought are all the Universal Law of Attraction needs to manifest it into your life. It is said ďask and it is givenĒ and itís true.

So use the Science of Deliberate Creation to your advantage and set your thoughts in the direction of what you truly want and never mind the rest.

Then let the Art of Allowing come into play by just accepting where you are now. Not everyone is going to see eye to eye with you and you may not have everything you want, and thatís just fine because thatís where you need to be right now.

Everything is continually changing and with the appropriate thought vibrations they will change into what you want.

Go with the flow the more you fight against the current the more difficult it is to achieve what you want. Find out more about the Law of Attraction from the enjoyable informative book by Jerry and Esther Hicks, ďThe Law of Attraction.Ē

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