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Universal Law

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Universal Law is "mind in action." Your thoughts and feelings, are projected into the Universal Mind where they are then set into action. It is the Law obeying the requests and will of Spirit. The creativity of Spirit is the mental Law of the Universe.

When you are thinking you are thinking into the Universal Mind, you are one with this Mind, and the Mind obeys Universal Law by putting thought into action.

There is no picking and choosing which thoughts will manifest into being, they stand equally in the Universal Mind.

Misuse of the Law
Universal Law does not distinguish thoughts it obeys and sets them into motion be it good or bad. To help you understand this think about electricity for example, it does not care whether it lights a house or burns it down. This is how Law works it sets thought into action no matter what the thought.

Therefore, you should realize that if you use this Law for destructive or harmful purposes it will only result in destructive or harmful consequences for you.

Remember the sayings "thoughts are things" and "what goes around comes around," they illustrate this concept perfectly. Also realize that "like attracts like" so you are attracting to you what you send out in thought. Negative will attract more negative, positive will attract positive.

Knowledge is Power
Knowing that how you choose to react and think regarding life situations will control the outcome. The Knowledge that Universal Law is always acting on your every thought has given you the power.

Knowing that you and you alone have the power to control you're every thought you will come to see how you can truly shape your life.

This knowledge will take you on a new path towards a more productive and satisfying life. Take this power and use it wisely, use it to bring into your life a more positive and loving frame of mind. The power has always been yours to use and now the knowledge of how to use it will change your life.

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Here is a quote from The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes that I feel beautifully illustrates the power of positive thinking:

    "Such is the power of right thinking that it cancels and erases everything unlike itself. It answers every question, solves all problems, is the solution to every difficulty. It is like the Sunlight of Eternal Truth bursting through the clouds of obscurity and bathing all life in a celestial glory. It is the Absolute with which we are dealing and nothing less." (from The Science of Mind, page 128, publisher Penquin Putnam, Inc.)

I know you are probably thinking easier said than done and I agree. It won't happen overnight, but believe it when I say it can be done.

Take one step at a time learn to make the Law of the Universe work for you. Become more aware of your thoughts and reactions to everyday life and how you think about yourself and others. You will see the Law in action and learn to make the Law work for you.

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