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Universal Mind

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"There is a Universal Mind, Spirit, Intelligence, that is the origin of everything." (Ernest Homes, The Science of Mind, page 35, publisher Penquin Putnam, Inc.)

As I read Ernest Holmes' The Science of Mind I began to understand what he was explaining, that there is but one life and energy behind everything that lives, everything that is energized in this world. Keeping this in mind I came to the realization that I am made from this one life and energy, this Universal Mind.

It is the cause behind all things and beings. When we understand that we are made from this life and energy then we see that we are therefore, part of it. If we are part of it then our recognition of this is the mirror in which we can see ourselves as we truly are.

Everything has its beginnings in thought it is the seed from which things grow and come into being. It is amazing how a thought can be so small yet encompass the universe and create it as we know it.

Now it's time to know you are part of this Universal Mind and you hold the same power within to create in your universe.

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Power of the Mind
The power of the mind is the one true power you possess. No one can take that from you. To quote Ernest Holmes "The misuse of this power has brought upon us the very conditions from which we suffer." (from The Science of Mind, page 37, publisher Penquin Putnam, Inc.)

This brings to mind the saying "thoughts are things." The Universal Mind works through you. Your thoughts are part of it and in your realization of this it becomes your power, working through you and for you.

    I've see this power work in my own life. If I become angry and frustrated with an individual or situation and let that anger and frustration build, by thinking about it, the situation just continues to get worse. As the situation gets worse so do my thoughts about it.

    Then I finally wake up and realize I'm feeding the negativity of the situation. With that realization I stop take a deep breath and let it go, stop worrying and just deal with whatever it is without emotional negativity. If it's a person I'm dealing with I try to look at it from their perspective and see that they have now clue they are making me upset. In reality I am making myself upset, since I have the power to choose my reaction.

    I can truly tell you that within minutes of my changing my frame of mind the situation corrects itself and everything works out and I wonder why I was so upset to begin with. I could have made my life so much easier if I'd just adjusted my frame of mind in the beginning.

What you believe and think about yourself and your life is the Universal Energy that is ignited and sent out to manifest in your life. Your thoughts are the cause and effect of all that surrounds you. So remember that you must take control of your thoughts in order to activate the power you have within you.

Make them thoughts of good, thoughts of love and compassion, confidence and strength. This is the power of positive thinking, the gift we share with the mind of the Universe.

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