Visual Journaling

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Visual journaling can express the way you see life around you and within you. Images combined with words can be a unique and powerful tool to self-discovery and to discovering the voice within you.

Keeping this kind of journal opens the door to many creative ways of expressing your thoughts and feelings.

You can create your own images and embellish your journal in anyway that pleases you. If you are an artist and even if you think you don't have an artistic bone in your body give it a try I bet you'll be surprised at how creative you really are.

Resources Are All Around You
You have the resources for creating your visual journal experience all around you. You can draw your own images, use photos, cut outs from magazines, greeting cards.

Even nature can provide materials such as pressed flowers or beautiful fall leaves (Remember when you were in grade school and you were taught how to press colorful fall leaves between two sheets of waxed paper?).

Words and Images
Combining words and images is a powerful tool for self expression. Once you've written your journal entry let the words conjure up images and illustrate the page to express the feelings behind the words. Words and images compliment each other very well and help you see deeper into their meaning.

Perhaps you have experienced an event that has upset you, writing about it and including images that depict your feelings about the situation is an excellent way of working through the feelings. Once you've got your feelings out in the open to look at and examine you have empowered yourself with the ability to choose to let go of those upsetting emotions. Letting go of damaging emotions can only serve to make you healthier in body, mind, and spirit.

Then there are the happy times that you want to remember and revisit. How wonderful to have the words and images with you always to reinforce positive emotions and a positive outlook on life. Journaling can do all that and more if you let yourself freely express who you are.

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Create Your Own Visual Journal
Here are a few creative journaling ideas to get you started:

    • If you are crafty you can make your own paper.
    • Embellish a 3 ring binder to hold your personalize journal paper.
    • Purchase an artist's sketch book and personalize the pages with you own illustrations.
    • Cut out images from magazines that best illustrate your journal entries.
    • Purchase a simple spiral notebook and decorate it.

Your local arts and craft store has an endless stock of supplies you can use. Go and browse around I guarantee just browsing will spark some fantastic ideas. I believe a visual journal is your source of creative expression and food for your soul.

Let yourself go, there is no wrong way or right way to keep a visual journal. You have to give yourself permission to let go of inhibitions and trust the voice within you through your own journaling experience. Keeping a journal such as this is your ticket to self-expression and discovery, enjoy!

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