Visualization Meditation

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Visualization meditation is the best way to refocus your mind to gain the benefits of meditation. With this method you take yourself away from the distracting stressful thoughts and situations of the day.

What is Visualization Meditation?
It is a form of meditation in which you use your imagination to relax your body, mind, and spirit. Visualization is seeing with your mind.

Visualization can change your frame of mind. Your thoughts and feelings project energy and attract energy of a similar nature. The thoughts and feeling from visualizing a calm and tranquil environment will transform that stressful, worried energy, you were holding inside, into a calm and peaceful energy. This is what brings you back to center, the core of your spiritual nature.

Simple Meditation Exercises
In the beginning use a simple visualization meditation technique. Hold an image in your mind’s eye. It can be anything from your favorite flower to the image of a peaceful meadow. As you visualize keep your breathing in its natural rhythm.

Keep it simple until you are able to keep your concentration on the image. If you find your mind wandering just bring it back to the image. This is a good way to practice visualizing.

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Begin this meditation by getting comfortable either sitting in the traditional meditation poses with legs crossed and back straight or sitting with a straight back and your feet flat on the floor. You can also lie down if you feel you will not fall asleep.

Take a few deep breaths and with each breath relax into it.

    Let’s begin:
    1. Visualize a beautiful house with a welcoming front porch and a white picket fence around it.

    2. As you open the gate and walk along the path to the front porch you enjoy all the lovely flowers in the front yard. You reach the porch and climb the few stairs to the front door.

    3. Open the door and find a long hallway lined with pictures of all your favorite people, places, and things. Take time to admire them as you walk down the hall.

    4. You come to the end where there is another door and you can see light beaming through it.

    5. Open this door into a beautiful candle lit room. You see reflected in the light all the colors of the rainbow and in the center a glowing ball of white light.

    6. There may be someone there to greet you; this is your spiritual guide, your inner self.

    7. Walk to the center of this glowing ball of light and sit. Just be in this glorious place where everything is as it should be, peaceful and serene.

    8. Stay here for as long as you like, perhaps your guide has a message for you or just sit and enjoy the peace and tranquility of your true self, the center of your being where everything is as it should be.

    9. When you are ready begin the journey back. Walk through the candle lit room back into the hallway past the pictures of your favorite people, places, and things and out the front door. You pause on the front porch to take a deep breath of fresh garden air then walk down the path to the front gate.

    10. Take another deep breath and slowly come back to your physical state.

I hope you enjoyed this journey into the center of your being, the spiritual center that dwells within all of us. This can be a deep meditation experience, let your imagination take you on the journey.

Is visualization difficult for you?
Don’t worry if you cannot see in your mind’s eye the images I have described here. The most important part of this visualization meditation is the feelings it represents. If you cannot see the images you can sense their presence and recognize how they make you feel. You will still receive all the benefits of meditation.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out...
--Robert Collier

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