Walking Meditation

<img src= Walking meditation is creating peace with every step and holding each moment in joy. It is a mindfulness meditation. The purpose of this meditation is for you to learn to be truly present in the moment and let troubles go. This Buddhist meditation method will transform the way you go about your daily life.

When you walk anywhere it’s usually with a purpose or end in mind. You don’t bring joy to the act of walking. You are consumed by the day’s events, the burdens of a stressful job or family responsibilities. You aren’t really walking, but running from one task to the next. This form of meditation brings you into the serenity of the present moment, no past, no future, just now!

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Where to Practice
You can practice walking meditation outside in your local park or nature trail, or even in your yard. Walk slowly, breathe in the present moment, and experience the nature sounds around you. Awareness is the way to bring happiness, so you should feel free to stop and admire nature and then continue on with your walking.

You can also perform walking meditation indoors. It is recommended that when walking indoors you remove your shoes to create a better connection with the Earth.

Breathing is very important to your meditation practice. If you can become conscious of your breathing it will help keep you in the present moment.

As you take each step coordinate your breathing by counting how many in breaths you take with each step and how many out breaths you take with each step.

As you breathe with each step notice any tension in your body and let it fall away. Walk as if you are the happiest person in the world. Do not set a goal for your walking meditation. Each step is happy, peaceful, and serene. Each step keeps you in the present moment.

Three Basic Elements:

    1. Walking, walk naturally and pay attention to your feet as they touch the ground.
    2. Breathing, pay attention to your breathing as you walk.
    3. Counting, count each step as you breathe in and each step as you breathe out.

As you practice all three elements, they will all become one in conscious awareness.

Add to the basic elements above, a smile. Just a half-smile will bring peace and happiness to your steps. Smiling brings out your true self and a happy state of mind. It is hard to be sad or distressed if you smile.

As you practice these elements you will find that your steps, your breathing, your counting, your serene half-smile all combine together into a peaceful state of awareness in the present moment.

Walk and discover the joy in life.

    Serenity is here in the winds of change.
    Love is here in a soft whisper.
    Beauty is here in all of nature.
    All things of this world are yours and given in serenity and love.

    © Shirley Marotta

Dalai Lama Dharamsala Namaste Buddha..The Art of Meditation !

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