What is a Mandala?

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When you ask "what is a mandala?" the general meaning of the word mandala is "circle." But it is much more than just a circle, it is the basis from which all spiritual mandalas are created. It is a wheel within a wheel representing wholeness and the infinity of our universe.

Some mandalas are created with specific meaning like Tibetan mandalas that are designed as spiritual windows to enlightenment. These mandalas are sometimes created using colored sand and depict the beautiful imagery of Buddhist deities and symbols.

Some mandalas are created using geometric shapes, but all are formed around a center point. Most all mandalas are very detailed and created with rich vibrant colors. The mandala you see here is created using a computer program to transform one of my original artworks.

Spirituality and Peace
There is a peaceful calm at the center of a mandala that can have a spiritual and healing affect on the viewer. The mandala's center provides calm and peace amidst your sometimes chaotic life. They can represent a refuge from your everyday stress. The gravity at the center of every mandala attracts and pulls you to connect with your own inner most core your spiritual center.

The Kalachakra mandala is the most sacred Tibetan mandala. The Kalachakra mandala through its detailed symbolism represents the universe and a positive future on the path to enlightenment, which Buddhists believe is available to everyone.

What is a mandala used for?
Mandalas are used in spiritual practice as ritual objects and as tools to record insights and tell stories. They have also been represented in the form of circular stone structures built thousands of years ago. These structures were used to keep time and as ceremonial centers.

A Tibetan mandala is used for meditation in addition to telling the story of enlightenment. Buddhist's believe meditation using a mandala will lead to enlightenment, healing, and peace.

According to Buddhist scriptures sand mandalas, created by Buddhist monks, spread positive energy into the surrounding environment and to all individuals that view them. As they create the sand mandala the monks chant and meditate to bring forth these energies that come from the various deities pictured in the mandala. The monks pray for the blessings of these deities.

What is a mandala in your life?
Whatever meaning a particular mandala holds for you is a source of personal inspiration. You can create your own healing mandala by incorporating all the things that you find personally comforting like favorite colors and pictures. Gather them together and layout them out in the form of a wheel within a wheel the basic mandala structure.

Add your own creative flare to your design and you will have your own personal mandala for inspiration and meditation.

Explore the many forms of mandalas and discover a new path on your spiritual journey.

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