Wisdom Quotes

Poetry of Spirit

The wisdom quotes I share with you here are the poetry of spirit, given from the heart.

They were received through my meditation sessions. I sometimes receive words and sometimes images (that is where most of the art you see on this web site came from). They are quotes from my inner guide, my spirit within.

They are motivational words that speak of our connection to the Divine Spirit in all of us. These wisdom quotes reflect the joy that the Divine Spirit wants us all to feel, the joy that is naturally ours if we choose to see it.

You can use these quotes in a number of ways:

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    • Use them as a reminder of your true inner spirit.

    • You can meditate on the meaning behind them.

    • Pick one that resonates with your beliefs and use it as a daily motivation.

    • Let them lift your spirits when you are feeling down, they will reconnect you with the joy in life.

    • Let each inspirational message touch your inner spirit and your connection to all things in this universe.

My Favorites
I have chosen my favorites to share with you; I hope they open your mind and heart to the joys of your true inner spirit.

    One soul vibrates with the colors of love, to join with the many, and they all join in the colors as ONE.

    Serenity is held in a gentle breeze.
    Love is here in a soft whisper.
    Beauty is here in all of nature.
    All things of this world are yours and given in serenity and love.

    Break free from your shelter. Break free from the walls of darkness. Fly into the light, love, and colors of life. Discover your freedom in the world, the freedom found inside yourself.

    The universe entwined around my heart and soul is my guardian and my guide.

    The flame within is the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Words of comfort, live in the now the future cannot be lived before its time. Time is now, time is here, be here and now.

    Let go, let go of feeling helpless, let go of worry. Healing is a spiritual practice, an exercise in confidence, strength, and love.

    The kindness you hold for others is also a kindness for yourself. Remember we are all one from the same divine source.

The poetry of spirit is represented in these wisdom quotes. I hope they inspire you to further explore your spiritual connection. Namaste!

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