Writing Affirmations

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Writing affirmations is a very powerful technique. The written word has a great influence on your mind. With this technique you are writing and reading, so you get the wonderful combined influence of both.

The definition of affirmation is: a confirming statement in the present that is presented as fact.

When writing affirmations make them positive affirmations, use the present moment, and include your name and/or I. (For example: I am a successful business person or I, Mary, am a successful business person.)

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Writing Affirmations
As you write each positive affirmation really think about the meaning of each word. Notice any feelings that come up as you write them. If anything negative pops into your head no matter how small turn your paper over and write it down then go back to writing your affirmations. Repeat this process if any further negativity arises. Keep writing and acknowledging those feelings as you go.

When you have completed writing as many affirmations as you want you should read each affirmation with the same conscious attention to the meaning and feelings behind each word. Then turn over the paper to see what you wrote on the negative side. This is where you will be able to see how you are unconsciously blocking yourself from having what you want.

Turn Negative to Positive
Now take those negative resistant thoughts and turn them into new positive affirmations. (For example: I never get what I want. You can turn that around by saying something like I am able and know how to get what I want.)

    Sidebar: I composed and use this affirmation almost daily and it has been working for me. Especially when I begin to worry about bills that need to get paid, I just switch away from worry and concentrate on the meaning of this affirmation:

    I always have all the money I need when I need it and much more.

    It works so well that one day 4 checks came in the mail from the settlement of a credit card company litigation. I was one of the many, many credit card holders that were entitled to restitution. I filled out the forms months prior not thinking I'd see a penny, but since I was eligible I thought why not. My little checks did not add up to millions but they were enough to provide that extra I needed at the time.

Use this process of writing, reading, and recognizing the negative thought patterns that hold you back. Combine them with creative visualization and use them to transform your thinking and your life.

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