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Yoga Asanas

Yoga asanas mean much more than their commonly known definition as yoga postures. There is a spirituality connected to them that makes asanas much more than just yoga stretches. These postures deeply touch body, mind, and spirit. As you condition the body through the asanas you also gain a positive affect on the mind and spirit as well.

Meditation in Motion
Yoga asanas are meditation in motion. The practice of them is considered a preparation for meditation. Yes, if you consistently practice asanas they create the strength in your legs and back that allow you to sit in the stillness of meditation poses for long periods of time, but it doesn�t stop there.

Asanas are the threshold to achieving a deep state of meditation. When you are learning to hold the postures you are learning to create stillness in your body and mind, through your concentrated focus.

Practicing each asana helps you be in the present moment as you hold your concentration on the body�s position in the individual postures. As in meditation when you practice the asanas you are being in the present moment just letting thoughts float in and float out, without letting them take you away. This is where you find the moments between thoughts, the place where you connect to your inner spirit.

Bridge to Spirituality
Yoga asanas are also an expression of the spiritual side of life. When you practice the asanas you are communicating with your spiritual self. When your body and mind are in this focused state, you develop a closer connection to your spiritual being. This side of your life is touched by the use of both asanas and meditation.

Asanas are more than postures they are a bridge, and as you progress in your practice you move across that bridge to the spiritual side of your life. It is the calm you will find here that helps relieve the stresses of everyday life. It helps you achieve a wonderfully balanced life of physical and spiritual, because one without the other would not be complete.

So in essence asanas are postures of the body, mind, and spirit for they touch all these aspects of yourself and open the door to a deeply rewarding connection to your spiritual center.

Please, see Resources page for further information.

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