Yoga Benefits

Yoga benefits plain and simple.

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Are you the kind of person with a hectic schedule and you want to find time to calm, strengthen, and stretch your body, mind, and spirit? Then yoga is the answer for you.

Yoga benefits every part of your body inside and out, not to mention the calming affect it has on your mind. You will experience the health benefits of yoga.

It is meditation in motion, as you focus on the postures (also called asanas) and your breathing. Yes, please! Don’t forget to breathe. The rule of thumb concerning breathing in yoga is to breathe in on the backward bends and breathe out on the forward bends.

You don’t have to tie yourself in knots.
Forget those images of yogis all tied up in knots, you don’t have to become a pretzel to benefit from yoga. The simplest postures can free tight joints and calm tense muscles.

Best of all for most yoga postures all you need is you! If you are a frequent traveler you don’t have to worry about finding a gym to workout in. Most yoga practice does not require special equipment, or shoes, just your own precious bare feet and some comfy loose fitting clothes (pajamas are my favorite).

Customize your yoga practice.
You can customize your yoga practice to meet any special needs you may have. Anyone, yes anyone can practice yoga, even senior citizens. It is the most flexible (no pun intended) form of exercise I know, in that you really don’t have to go to extremes to benefit from yoga. You can even practice yoga at home.

I have taken formal yoga classes, in which the instructors have always stressed that it is more beneficial to you if you DO NOT push your body beyond its limits. Go into each posture gently and hold the posture where your body stops naturally. Just because you can’t touch your nose to your knee does not mean you are not getting all the benefits of the posture.

I cannot stress enough yoga is a gentle strengthening and stretching of the body. With practice each yoga posture will become easier and you will find yourself being able to go into the postures further and hold them for longer.

How yoga benefits your mind.
Yoga benefits your mind as well as your body by helping you turn your focus away from everyday stress.

As you practice your yoga postures and concentrate on your breathing your mind is freed from the stressful thoughts of the day. The focused concentration of yoga is one of the ways to meditate , it is meditation in motion.

Yoga benefits your hectic life style.
As you incorporate yoga practice into your daily life you are getting the benefits of exercise and meditation all in one.

If you are like me and find it difficult to be consistent in your yoga practice especially where time is concerned limit the number of postures in your routine practice, you’d be surprised what can be done in 5–10 minutes. You will feel remarkably better.

Yoga can be practiced on the job.
There are so many yoga postures you can perform sitting in your chair at your desk. You can do a simple spinal twist or stretches for your neck and shoulders.

This is especially beneficial for people that sit at computers all day. I certainly take advantage of simple yoga stretches while writing for this Web site.

Believe me I know how hard it is to remember when you’ve got your nose to the grindstone and your working on a deadline, but these yoga benefits will only serve to make you more productive and give you more stamina.

Today's the day!
What are you waiting for? What better way to experience the health benefits of yoga then with this wonderful body, mind, and spirit exercise! Namaste!

Also see History of Yoga for a brief background of its origins.

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