Yoga for Seniors

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How senior adults can maintain fitness, through yoga for seniors. If you are a senior you can and will benefit from incorporating basic yoga stretches into your daily routine.

Yoga easily adapts to your individual fitness level and abilities that's why even if you are a senior citizen you can enjoy the benefits of yoga. It benefits your body, makes the mind calmer, and lifts your spirit to know you can participate in an exercise routine that fits your needs

Lift Your Spirit
Knowing that you can participate in yoga for seniors helps you get more in touch with yourself. Knowing that you can work within your limits and make yourself feel better emotionally and physically is a great benefit.

You will gain a new sense of self and self-confidence knowing you can create your own customized daily routine that will benefit your overall health.

Keep Moving!
You need to keep moving to prevent the stiff muscles and achy joints that are common complaints among seniors. The best remedy is yoga for seniors.

Muscles and joints were designed to move and basic yoga stretches will do just that, get you moving again in a gentle stress-free way. The gentle bending and moving of yoga is important for relieving stiff joints. As they say, you have to "move it or loose it!"

Getting Started
Simple basic yoga positions is a good place to start. The best thing about yoga is that you do not have to push yourself beyond the limits of what your body is capable of. I cannot stress this point enough DO NOT push yourself, if a pose is painful for you, do not do it, or just modify it by only stretching as far as your body allows.

As you continue to practice you will find the basic yoga stretches become easier to do. Yoga for seniors also aids in quieting the mind as you concentrate on each yoga pose your attention becomes focused and relaxed.

Important note: Please consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise routine, and listen to your own body it will let you know its limitations. The information on this website is not a substitute for medical care. You should consult with the appropriate health practitioner in the case of any medical conditions.

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Chair yoga is wonderful for anyone but especially helpful for you as a senior adult. If you are recovering from any type of injury or illness chair yoga. is the perfect solution to keeping those joints and muscles moving.

It will maintain, stretch, and strengthen your body as you recover. If you have a disability doing simple yoga stretches. from a seated position will help you manage the disability and maintain the best condition possible.

All you need is a simple straight back chair (kitchen chairs are well suited or even a folding chair will do). The chair is not only used for the seated exercises but can also serve as support for many of the standing yoga postures as well.

Bed yoga is simply taking some of the basic yoga positions, that are traditionally done on the floor, and performing them on your bed. This is another excellent way to approach yoga for seniors (or anyone) if you are physically challenged, due to injury or illness.

It's also great way to wake up and get your stiff muscles and joint going before your feet hit the floor. Bed yoga is another way to unwind from your busy day and can even help you sleep better. Even if you just need a break from the stress of your daily routine bed yoga can be done any time of day.

I hope you found this information helpful and enjoy a happier, healthier way of living.

You can also download some of the exercises mentioned here in the form of free printable yoga exercise sheets, just clicking here..

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