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Yoga Meditation

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Did you know that yoga meditation is one of the Five Principles of yoga practice? You should consider including meditation in your yoga routine.

Knowing how to meditate and the benefits of meditation will greatly enhance your yoga practice. Meditation and yoga are a natural blend for body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga practice is based on the belief that our bodies are meant to move. Yoga asanas (postures) are designed to exercise every part of the body including the mind and spirit.

In yoga, meditation is used to achieve a clear mind and focused concentration and is a great benefit to you as you practice your yoga routine. Focused concentration will give your yoga practice a relaxed gentle flow that is beneficial to your body, and meditation contributes to your mind and spirit. Both yoga and meditation are powerful contributors to your overall wellbeing.

Yoga Postures for Meditation Yoga asanas (postures) and meditation go hand in hand. Here are some specific asanas for yoga meditation.

    Full Lotus � Sit on the floor (using a cushion will help support your legs) bend your left leg, pull your left foot toward you, and place the top of your foot on your right thigh. Bend your right leg, pull your right foot toward you, and place it on your left thigh.

    Half Lotus � Sit on the floor (using a cushion will help support your legs) bend your left leg and pull your left foot toward you and bend your right leg pulling your right foot to rest in front of the left foot.

    Egyptian Pose � Sit in a straight back chair with your feet on the floor and your hands resting on your thighs, this is the easiest and most comfortable pose for beginners or those that find it painful to sit with legs bent.

Practicing yoga consistently will increase your flexibility and help with these yoga meditation postures.

Please remember! You have to listen to your body if it is painful do not perform the extreme postures. Any yoga posture whether used in meditation or in a general yoga routine should not cause you pain. Use the simple Egyptian Pose for your meditation and you will still achieve a state of tranquil calm.

Adding meditation to your yoga routine will give you a well rounded practice and bring body, mind, and spirit into balance. I know you will enjoy the rewards of meditation and yoga.

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